A Brief Overview

The Mandela Effect

Nelson Mandela, 2008

A mass hysteria is beginning to sweep the internet. People feel as if they’re losing their minds. It has been termed “The Mandela Effect”, and it is gaining popularity as the years roll on.

When did this start?

Many noticed this phenomena when Nelson Mandela died on December 5, 2013. Whether it started here, or it was the first major event that people took notice to is unclear. When news of Nelson Mandela’s death became public, many were hit with confusion. “But didn’t he already die, in prison, years before this? I remember, it was while he was in prison!” The memories just didn’t match up with reality. As people began to talk, they realized that many more shared this ‘false memory’.

There’s more?

It didn’t stop there. More situations began popping up. At first, a handful… and as time passed, these false memories multiplied. The Barenstain Bears? JFK’s car? Even our own bodies seem to have changes.

How do we figure this out?

The internet has enabled us to create a giant think tank, and allowed victims of the Mandela Effect to come together. Right now, connecting and sharing our memories seems to be the first step. The sheer numbers of people who are experiencing these false memories continues to grow.

Have you been “effected”?



    • I am at the point now where I try to accept it and be entertained by it. New things are popping up all the time, and its a common household phrase now for us to dub things as the Mandela Effect. I’ve slowed down my posting for this website, in fact, because it just got overwhelming the more I dug into it! It’s real alright. Why? I have no idea. But it makes life more interesting, that’s for sure!

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