Jiffy Peanut Butter

The Jifaroo was the original mascot for JIF peanut butter in 1958.

What is this craze about Jif Peanut Butter? Certainly, we all remember that choosy moms choose Jif. Or did they choose Jiffy?


Okay… so it’s clearly been re-branded to a shortened version recently. We’re used to that, its been a trend in the US lately to shorten our favorite brands. KFC,  the WWE, JCP, etc. But if this were the case, it wouldn’t be include on our website.


According to the Jif website, an explanation for the origin of the name is given: “We began marketing Creamy Jif in 1958. Extra Crunchy Jif made its debut in 1974. The name ‘Jif’ was chosen because it was easy to say, spell and remember.”

Notice the year… 1958. Our favorite peanut butter began as J-i-f.


Remember this?


Perhaps we just gave Jif a more friendly nickname. When people think of peanut butter, two brands usually come to mind; Jif and Skippy. Jiffy therefore, must be a sort of combination of the two.


Or, we’re confusing it with the other Jiffies out there, like Jiffy Lube, Jiffy brand muffin mix, Jiffy Pop popcorn, and dozens if not hundreds of small businesses around the U.S.


Or… we’re just all losing our minds. Regardless, this is yet but another popular instance of the Mandela Effect. What kind of peanut butter did you grow up eating?



  1. Cool article about Jif and its origin. I remember all of the Jif commercials when I was a kid. However, my mom always bought Skippy Peanut Butter, and I still do today. I’ve tried Jif in the past, and haven’t seen much of a difference. I guess in the long run, it’s how they sell the product, and which one looks more pleasing to the consumer.

  2. Interesting. I’ve never given a second thought to the brand name of peanut butter.
    We never got to eat fancy peanut butter brands when we were kids thanks to our very choosy mother. She made her own peanut butter and wouldn’t let us eat brands sold at local stores and supermarkets. Reason? Nothing is as healthy as homemade peanut butter.
    I’ve been hearing a lot about Jif. I’ll have to give it a try one of these days just to find out whether it beats my mom’s recipe.

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