Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’s Theme Song

The theme song to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Its one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for a few hours when you hear it. You may want to sing it yourself before continuing. Go ahead, just the first line is all that’s necessary.

Its a beautiful day in…

THE neighborhood? If you are like the rest of us Mandela-ers… that is what just happened in your head. However–you are wrong. I’ve scoured YouTube… from old videos to later ones. I cannot find a single “the”. It is, was, and has always been sung, by the late and great Mr. Rogers himself: “Its a beautiful day in this neighborhood.”

Listen for yourself.



Okay. One video isn’t really enough proof right? Mister Rogers sang this song in every episode, on his own… meaning it wasn’t a recording.

But I have scoured YouTube, going back to 1967 and he always says THIS.


But every other variation of the song is sung using “the”. Things that I’ve never even watched until now. Here are some examples:

In fact, after getting lost in childhood memories and watching these videos all day, I only found ONE parody that says this neighborhood. You can find that here:

It is quite weird that Mr. Rogers sang this one way for so many episodes, and yet most parodies are getting it wrong. If you are putting in the effort of creating a parody, chances are you have watched the intro many times over to emulate the real thing. I can see a possible mistake that one or two may make… but why so many?

Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003)

Regardless of whether we all have a terrible memory, or some kind of change really did take place to change our current reality, its fun to have the interest in Mister Rogers revived due to the Mandela Effect.


Rest in Peace, Mr. Rogers. We wish you were still around to set us straight.




  1. This is a fascinating subject. The hive mind and group mentality really interest me especially when it seems to be so illogical. I had to watch the video a couple times to convince myself he didn’t sing the!!

    • I know! Why are we remembering the wrong things? And why is our hive mind splitting up? There are people out there that do remember him always singing “this”. How are their brains different than ours? Fascinating, like you said.

    • There are so many tiny and subtle differences out there, with so many topics other than songs that have slightly changed. I think we’ve always dismissed these subtle differences in the past. But now thanks to the internet, people are connecting and bringing attention to this phenomena.

  2. At first I was like ‘what am I listening to?’ But like you said it does become mezmerizing. This was very interesting indeed. People need to get the parodies right!

    • I often sing it now, even. Its just one of those songs that is ingrained into who I am. I did so much research on this one trying to debunk it!

    • Thank you for digging those up. You’re absolutely right. I cannot find “the” neighborhood anywhere, from Fred Rogers. But at least it’s comforting to know that others are out there with the same memories. If it weren’t for the internet I would probably accept that I was wrong and move on.

      • You know, I would have thought that had any of these people even bothered to watch the Twitch marathons (last year’s and this year’s), they would have found out that Fred ALWAYS sang “THIS neighborhood.” I didn’t watch either marathon because I wouldn’t have been able to stay awake, but I’ve known the actual truth (the fact that he ALWAYS sang “THIS neighborhood”) for years. I’m one of his biggest fans, and I also have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and, as such, this example of the Mandela Effect drives me nuts.

        • The way I’ve been seeing it, the Mandela Effect is not simply a one-size-fits-all phenomena. Like Jif peanut butter, I never even questioned whether it was JIF or JIFFY until I started researching false memories. Others are 100% certain its always been Jiffy. As far as Mister Rogers goes, I swear he sang “THE neighborhood”. I am sure of it. And like your OCD screaming at you that it was always THIS, mine screams back that it was always THE! We’re all affected in different ways, making the Mandela Effect really tough to research. A lot will claim the whole thing is BS. And that’s because they have not been affected.
          Anyway, I’m sorry it drives you nuts! I completely understand.

  3. Strangely enough, while I recall watching the show as a child, I don’t recall paying attention to the lyrics of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”. On the day Fred Rogers died, I had a renewed interest in the show, and I just accepted “THIS neighborhood.” That, coupled with all of the evidence that I found online and from the numerous sources that I own–LP’s. audio cassettes. CD’s, DVD’s, and VHS tapes, makes me 100% certain that he ALWAYS sang “THIS neighborhood.”

    In fact, here are two more sources for you. The first is the official sheet music from the PBS Kids website, and the second is from a fan-made site called “The Neighborhood Archive”. The guy who owns that site is an expert on the show and has provided the lyrics to virtually every single song that Fred wrote, and, yes, he has posted “THIS neighborhood” in the lyrics. Also, he has noted every single difference in the songs over various episodes, and “THE neighborhood” isn’t in there at all.



    • When a timeline changes, history supports it. I don’t believe its a conspiracy, that someone is changing history. I think somehow some of us shifted timelines. Same thing when I researched the Berenstein Bears. Mr. Berenstein’s birth certificate shows BERENSTAIN. All history supports the current timeline. Some Mandela Effect instances don’t effect me, but this one does.

      Thank you for providing links! They definitely support the reality we’re in now. And… they make me feel a little crazier. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately, it’s been removed for copyright infringement, but at the beginning of Episode #1046 (during the second season), it’s supposed to be raining, and Fred sings “It’s a RAINY day in this neighborhood, a RAINY day for a neighbor…”. This episode is summarized on “The Neighborhood Archive”, however:

    • Aww, too bad they removed it, I would have loved to hear it! I think I vaguely remember that, too. I think. Or maybe it’s just easy to imagine. Anyway, thank you for sharing!

  5. You are wrong!!! You need to research Mr Rogers song further, he does say “ It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood.”

  6. Another reason why “THE neighborhood” makes absolutely NO sense to me has to do with the very next line of the song, “It’s a neighborly day in this beauty wood.” My question is, why on Earth would Fred have sung “it’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” and then “it’s a neighborly day in THIS beauty wood”?

  7. Scary. The internet is a scary place. Im worried about my children reading crap like this and believing it. Furthermore I feel sorry for those of who have become engrossed in it and are letting it affect how you will choose to live your lives.

  8. In Tom Hanks “The Burbs”, when Mr. Roger’s is on TV, it sounds very much like he is singing “The neighborhood”.

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